Empowering People

Empower people to expand local democracy and freedom in communities through statewide training and organizing sessions.


Teaching Each Other

Teach people to effectively communicate a forward looking vision of community.


Unifying The Grassroots

Unify diverse grassroots people and organizations through shared values, communicated using powerful and effective language.

Change Public Discourse

21st Century messaging methods combined with independent, academic research  to shape a brighter future for our communities.

Introducing “Framing Practice” at a training session:

See Video Gallery for more from a recent training session!

  • Empower 100%
  • Teach 100%
  • Win Together! 100%

Moving Conversation Forward

Read how we are moving the conversation about educational funding forward!

2014 School Funding Study!



We can empower more of our neighbors to think and organize for healthier democracy and stronger communities – so we can enjoy the freedom  to live our lives in a world…

  • Where we care for our neighbors as ourselves!
  • Where strong communities mean greater freedom of opportunity for everyone!
  • Where we invest in public education at every level to strengthen the heart of every community, and provide our children with the freedom of opportunity they deserve!
  • Where workers are valued as profit creators, and deserve a living wage share of the profit they create!
  • Where we cherish and protect the natural beauty around us for future generations!
  • Where “We the People” are the Public, and take responsibility for expanding freedom and opportunity for everyone!
If these things sound like “common sense” to you, imagine if your idea of common sense were more common…


Here’s the difference YOU can make…

This campaign is unique and innovative because it is capable of changing public discourse to a more progressive direction. Here’s how it works:

  • People will be empowered through teaching and organizing a new system of messaging and communications.
  • This unifying system will spread around the state at the local level, connecting people through shared values.
  • The Forward Institute (501c3) has collaborated with Dr. George Lakoff, one of the world’s leading cognitive neural scientists in developing this program.
  • Your contribution will make the critical difference towards effectively changing public discourse in Wisconsin and the entire nation.

Get Involved And Join Together!

Get involved in a training session or with the organization

Join Today

Contribute – make a tax-deductible donation to our effort at the “Donate” link below. Forward Institute is a 501c3 non-profit, public charitable organization.  Your contribution is very important to our success and greatly appreciated!

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