Forward Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit independent think tank for public policy issues in Wisconsin. The Institute combines original, government, and academic research with original messaging and communication methods to educate and inform the public on critical policy issues.

The Board of Directors:

Julie Wells, Co-Chair

Ellen Holly, Co-Chair

Maria Gaie-Beyer, Treasurer

Tom Beebe

John Lepinski


Links to Public Documents:

Corporate Bylaws

Forward Institute Articles of Incorporation

501c3 Documentation recognizing Forward Institute as a Public Charity

IRS Form 1023

Form 1023 supplemental information

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I just read your statement on the impact of 2013 proposed budget on education in our
    state. Clearly, the expansion of vouchers state wide appears to be unconstitutional. Why
    are we not filing a lawsuit to remedy this situation? As a life long resident of Wisconsin
    I would be happy to be the resident and taxpayer in standing. However, I do not have the
    financial resources to embark on this quest. Who do I turn to?

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