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Wisconsin Freedom Campaign FAQs:

Why do we need a new strategy?    

  •   Conservatives dominate communications, progressives are ineffective.
  • —  All policies based on morals – our core values.
  • —  Framing is thinking – 98% of your thought is unconscious.
  • —  We have false reliance on rationality – thought relies on emotion.
  • —  Communicating the progressive frame repeatedly will change “common sense.”
  • —  Current progressive messaging does not effectively communicate core values.

 How is this different from current messaging or political “spin”?

  •  Based on decades of neural, cognitive science research.
  • Communicates fundamental truth about policy based on facts.

What will I/we learn that is new and different?

  •  There is a difference between moral and partisan on issues.
  • —  Identify differences between conservative and progressive moral frame on any issue.
  • —  How to pivot from conservative to progressive through effective language.
  • —  The key to winning elections and changing minds is to speak in the progressive frame.
  • —  The same message works on every issue!

How can I or my organization learn more or get involved? 


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Watch George Lakoff give the keynote at the 6th Annual Wisconsin Grassroots Festival from March 22, 2014. Click on the pictures to link to videos:


Lakoff at WGN Fest 1


Lakoff at WGN Fest 2


Lakoff at WGN Fest 3

Photos courtesy of Leslie Amsterdam